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Givi Monolock and Monokey Fiiting Kits

Givi Fitting Kits For Givi Hard and Givi Soft Luggage Systems


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Givi Fitting Kits


A extreme tested system for luggage and cases compatible with the whole range of GIVI MONOKEY and MONOLOCK cases. The Monorack arms are mounted to the motorcycle with an individually designed fitting kits. A joint set and plate are used to complete the carrier. Various plates are available dependant on the type of case required or bike model fitted.

Tubular Support for Givi soft luggage

Available for most models of motorcycles and scooters, these tubular supports allows you to improve the strengh of the soft luggage on your motorcycle, and preventing direct contact with the fairing.
These tubular supports provide a valuable support and stability for the two soft bags, also greatly improving the ease of mounting of the same.
For the motorcycle that are equipped with the exhaust under the tail, the tubular holder system also functions as a spacer between the bag and exhaust , whose heat output would bring irreparable damage to the fabric.

Givi PL Series

Tubular case holder, allows the mounting of two side-cases without spoiling the motorcycle profile.

Tubular pannier holder for MONOKEY® boxes Incredibly minimal but totally robust and reliable, the PL fitting system consists of a black tubular side case holder for the mounting of two side cases. Its essential lines however do not spoil the motorcycle profile, and its simple structure allows you to carry out the assembling/disassembling operations quickly and easily.


WINGRACK is best in reliability and design thanks to its robust correlation weight-endurance-dimensions which is the result of the use of light alloys and aeronautics concepts. It can be combined with the specific fitting kits produced for each motorcycle model.

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